Transcending the ego

Dear space,

Initially I thought about writing a post titled “How to deal with people who don’t recognize your talent”, but I changed the idea when I realized it’s a reactive approach to the situation and it collides with my intent to transcend my own egoic nature.

Yes – I’ve had a lot of situations in which somebody simply didn’t see what I believed to be true about myself and overlooked my creative potential. And I would find myself suffering possessed by resentment, loathing either my “opponent”, myself, or both at the same time, and there was the abyss…

Being an artist is tough, because the gifts of self expression come in one package with great sensitivity. It’s a double edge sword in this way, and cons can overshadow pros easily if the artist doesn’t recognize the basic error of perception – that their conceptual sense of self is an illusion.  Great sensitivity + identification with ego = suffering and self destruction.

So, how to deal with people who don’t recognize my talents?
First of all, there’s no such thing as my talents, only divine gifts not to be taken credit for. Art comes to existence through the artist, but not by the artist, and when it does, there’s an underlying stillness and surrender to the moment in which creative spirit takes over. The Tao takes the credit, or call it God, or the Universal frow of life.
Second, there’s no wrong doing when people don’t take their hats of in reaction to what I can do. Opinion is just salt of perception, and all perceptions are relative. If I know the moment of creation was an authentic surrender to the feeling, I should remain indifferent to reactions and free from expectations.
Creativity + disidentification with false self = expansion, freedom and growth.

Life feels so good when I’m on a higher plane without clinging, latching on and planning. In meditation, I have been told that if I focus on spiritual (conscious) work first, everything else will fall into place. Hence I surrender to life open to infinite possibilities, in trust in the compassionate Universe. It’s all good.

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  1. Believe in yourself. Consider artists such as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. Create for yourself. If you walk out of the studio feeling dope about a beat you made it’s mission accomplished.

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