A few words

I’m applying for the Luxembourg Art Prize because it’s about time I put my hand up and join the race for recognition in the art world. Is it my ego yelling, flashing in my mind a vision of dying a broke artist, or is this an innocent spark of doing the right thing at the right time, waving lightly in the universal ocean?

They asked for my website address. Painfully, my website is burried under a layer of dust, as I have no time for nurturing my online presence. Hence, I do not do social media either. People often ask – do you have a Facebook page? The answer is NO. Not yet, or maybe NO-never, because the idea of flattening my very 5D life into a 2D screen-scroll merchandise baking-tray is hurting my soul.

Perhaps one day I will just get it and feel a natural urge to blaze into the e-world, without feeling like I’m conforming my square ass to fit into a round hole, because 50% of my brain already accepted that I need social media in order to be successful. The other 50% believes that there’s a way,  my very own way, paved perfectly already, decorated in peace n happiness by G-d… And following it faithfully would mean that I’ll never have to do anything that just doesn’t feel right.
So everyday I face duality in presence, and I just watch what happens.

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