Today is da day

Okay, so I am setting up a facebook page for my music and animation under Ysness. Have I lost my mind? Nearly. For the past few days I was under the influence of ego and had one fear attack after fear attack, but then I figured if I won’t try something new, I won’t allow myself to grow, and my potential audience will for ever be deprived of my music. I GOTS TO GET OUT THERE. The time is now.

I’ve had a rough look at my blog posts below and I felt a bit embarrassed of what I wrote – maybe I should just DELETE EVERYTHING?! – suggested my mind. But no, thanks. I’ll keep it cuz it’s all about evolution, and that was then and this is now.

I’ve decided my blog section looks as naked as a man in a shower. Lets shove some pictures in here. The hairy leg photo shoot will do the trick.

DSC06603DSC06640DSC06667DSC06698DSC06848DSC06892 (2)

Credits to Michael Price (@impisheye on instagram), it was fun, and there’s nothing wrong with hairy female legs; until I saw the pictures I thought that you can detect my unshaved shanks from miles away, but it ain’t the case. I don’t have time to shave – I’d rather read in the bath than shave for the sake of doing what society thinks female should do to maintain her femininity.


One thought on “Today is da day

  1. Ysness. Kool sounding name… You’re so right about putting yourself out there because soon enough you will see that it’s sometimes the only thing that you will help you see clearly through all the fuck ups, the jungle that social relationships can become if you,re lucky enough to be able to meet enough people. I am totally isolated and I can understand the need to put yourslef in there. Just you. I am my only best friend. Fortunately some people are listenign to the conversations I have with myself and some even find them interesting enough to read them. Hopefullly you will be one of them. I have a fb page book too uner Loud Alien Noize. Hope one day wew ill get to talk a little more. Peace Out from Montreal!

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