Welcome in September 2017. The ninth month of the year is the number of highest degree of change.

It’s been a few days since I’ve exposed myself to the people who know me but didn’t know anything about my musical ventures, and I am very motivated by the support I received. Most of which happened privately, and I’m thankful, as what matters to me is the quality of feedback rather the quantity of idle thumbs up. On the numeric level of likes and surface popularity, it didn’t do as well as I’ve hoped, but I’m neither disappointed, nor surprised cuz I am a freako. But also, I feel that the human ego has a very hard time in supporting other people on they path to success, because we grow up conditioned by the scarcity consciousness and think as if the universe was of limited supply, which it is not. I’d love to teach people to do the conscious work it takes to bring the highest vision for themselves into reality. That’s the task I give my all to. It’s not because I want to look “cool”. It’s because I want to be used to show people what’s possible when you believe in yourself and work hard.

It’s funny how in our society people would rather support strangers of little substance promoted by large corporations that mold them to what they are (aligned with the agenda of dumbing down the population), than someone authentic from their own community. I have noticed that even people whom I believed to be friends decided to ignore my spark of courage and some even posted pictures of themselves in response. However, We R 1. If I didn’t have an ego, I would probably be confused, but I do understand the sickness of insignificance that makes us want to prevent others from doing well. I have been that guy. It’s the same sickness that makes me hurt a little right now – but I’m reaching into the depths of me to operate from a higher plane than my ego. And, as Marvin Gaye sang, God is my friend, so I’m flying high in a friendly sky.

Let there be light y’all.

One thought on “Perseverance

  1. Hi Edy

    Live the Dream and believe. You have made excellent progress and have the desire to deliver a quality product.

    Keep up the motivation and set your sights high.

    Best regards


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