Yo ladies n gentlemen, I’m so so good.

Music is being created. Animation is being created. Art is being created. How humbled I feel that the universe utilizes me as an instrument of nature to birth new stuff daily. I am on to something good sir.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 23.08.17

The above picture is my cover art for a song called “Shady Ain’t Cool”. I’m very proud of my lo-fi kind of R&B. I don’t care about nuthin’, rules in music can also and should be broken. My middle finger goes out to people who didn’t believe I can make music, because I’m havin fun.

I’m continually influenced by cannabis. Yes, that’s right, ain’t nothing wrong. Autumn is my favourite time in a year and cannabis enables me to truly connect to the still world of nature in the city. A lot of people act shady (parro’), but it feels good when you put the third law of motion into practice and send out vibrations of love n compassion and then watch as the wave hits you back.

Leo, my son, is away with his paternal grandparents and so I feel free to just care about nothing but myself. Every woman needs that time. I feel like a prize possession so to get that time to ease my mind, body and soul – self-fully, not selfishly – is a must. This October’s break came at the right time. Christ is ALIVE btw. He never really left.

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