I’ve been a beech

Dear space, So it’s been a rough 2 days. Before those 2 days, I felt like I’ve approached some kind of enlightenment because I was doing so well being loving and positive, even in the face of minor unpleasantnesses (and a couple of ego outbursts towards those close to me, but hey, you live and … More I’ve been a beech

2018 and so on.

Dear space, It’s been a long time since I posted anything here, even though these days my writing activity is constant. It just happens manually, because I’m a hopeless romantic and the process of handwriting is a spiritual practice. It’s funny how I came full circle to my teenage days, being on a mercy of … More 2018 and so on.


Yo ladies n gentlemen, I’m so so good. Music is being created. Animation is being created. Art is being created. How humbled I feel that the universe utilizes me as an instrument of nature to birth new stuff daily. I am on to something good sir. The above picture is my cover art for a … More Chillin


Welcome in September 2017. The ninth month of the year is the number of highest degree of change. It’s been a few days since I’ve exposed myself to the people who know me but didn’t know anything about my musical ventures, and I am very motivated by the support I received. Most of which happened … More Perseverance

Today is da day

Okay, so I am setting up a facebook page for my music and animation under Ysness. Have I lost my mind? Nearly. For the past few days I was under the influence of ego and had one fear attack after fear attack, but then I figured if I won’t try something new, I won’t allow … More Today is da day

A few words

I’m applying for the Luxembourg Art Prize because it’s about time I put my hand up and join the race for recognition in the art world. Is it my ego yelling, flashing in my mind a vision of dying a broke artist, or is this an innocent spark of doing the right thing at the … More A few words

Transcending the ego

Dear space, Initially I thought about writing a post titled “How to deal with people who don’t recognize your talent”, but I changed the idea when I realized it’s a reactive approach to the situation and it collides with my intent to transcend my own egoic nature. Yes – I’ve had a lot of situations … More Transcending the ego