Born in Rzeszow, Poland, in 1991, I am a quick minded artist who bounces between big-ballsyness and over-sensitivity as if there was an Indian rubber ball jumping in my skull. Art is born out of that movement.
Growing up, I was always impressed by monuments of great Polish artists such as Chopin and Mickiewicz, which oozed authority, and I desired to one day be as great as them, which shaped my ambition to excel greatly in the world. I care about the state of humanity and I understand the role of art in service to beauty and truth, hence I cherish my receptivity to divine inspiration and cultivate my skills with a sense of humility.

Right now I’m graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art where I completed my first fully animated music video for a song of mine. I favour hand drawn animation, because of the intimate energy exchange that happens between mind’s eye, hand, pen and paper. Plus, it allows me to exercise my originality muscle. Yes.