Nothing in the world stirs my spirit as much as music. In my love affair with art I feel a profound calling to express myself through beatmaking, lyrics and vocals. "I'm Not Your Suga Cookie Getta", an ode to comedian Dave Chapelle, is my good-willed declaration of independence in a world that traps human uniqueness in prison of social conditioning. And the lyrics go:

Life is God's experiment,
What we're doing here is a mystery
But I know my heart
And I know that art
Is flowing in my bloodstream

Put your mind into the things
You want to achieve
Little can you give
When you people-please
Let them take your dreams

Put your soul to a test
Do your best
Let it flow in universal river
That's what makes me a believah:

I'm not your suga cookie getta

Verse two:

Do you ever feel when you're kind,
People think you're weak?
Let me take my Mars
Out of the first house
And punch out all ya teeth

'Cuz the problem we face this days
Is authenticity lost in maze
Idolasing them selfie hoes
Who filtered out their souls
Yo, no

People are so dumb these days
But don't worry it's time for change.